Your wedding day should be all about you and your partner. By choosing me you are choosing an amazing wedding. You and I will be making a playlist for your wedding and I will be serving up lights, music and fun. I have a professional setup and am an experienced DJ, so you won’t be bleeding from the ears or dying of boredom. Let this once-in-a-lifetime experience be an awesome one.

It really comes down to having fun!

There are lots of great ways to enjoy your wedding day You always want to make sure you do everything that you think is important. Weddings have evolved into amazing events filled with custom moments that smoothly combine into a mosaic of two people coming together. DJing is my way of doing that. When everyoneContinue reading “It really comes down to having fun!”

About Me

Who is DJ Troy? I have been a DJ for 18 years and I am a member of the Exquisite Sounds Entertainment Team. We are independent DJs who work together to make the best experiences possible. I attended Scratch Atlanta and honed my DJ skills by learning to mix & beatmatch. I love destination WeddingsContinue reading “About Me”