Dance Until The Sun Comes Up

OK, the venue will probably not let us dance ALL night but I love it when it feels that way! Your guests can enjoy music in three different areas so there is continuous music all night. You can rest assured that I will keep the crowd moving and the music flowing.

All Kinds Of Parties, All Kinds Of People

Whether you are from a small town or from Midtown, I’ve got you covered. Couples love to create unique experiences in all kinds of venues from chapels to vineyards to abandoned warehouses and barns. I will customize the music to your favorite songs and I will mix them seamlessly throughout the entire event. So, you can count on me to make any venue work perfectly for your wedding.

It really comes down to having fun!


There are lots of great ways to enjoy your wedding day

You always want to make sure you do everything that you think is important. Weddings have evolved into amazing events filled with custom moments that smoothly combine into a mosaic of two people coming together. DJing is my way of doing that. When everyone is having a great time and dancing their heads off, I have this fleeting moment of reflection. I always remember one thing.

It really comes down to having fun!

About Me

Who is DJ Troy?

I have been a DJ for 18 years and I am a member of the Exquisite Sounds Entertainment Team. We are independent DJs who work together to make the best experiences possible. I attended Scratch Atlanta and honed my DJ skills by learning to mix & beatmatch. I love destination Weddings but I usually perform in the Atlanta Metro Area. Many of the brides and grooms I’ve worked with have said that I am perceptive and read the crowd well, so don’t worry about me playing the wrong song, your crowd will be smiling and finger snapping’ all night! If you want to read more, you can click here.